Thought prostitution

This is not my first attempt at starting this blog, the first one started with a post that was dedicated to my girlfriend, I didn’t know if I wanted to copy it here or start with writing something more meaningful to the reader who doesn’t know me, and that I’m not interested in him knowing me, not because I want to stay anonymous, but more because I want the reader to see my beliefs, my opinions, and my thoughts, which is in my mind are the essence of the soul.

Writing differs than any other activity a human being can do, by writing a person literally puts pieces on his mind on a piece of paper/screen, this is why in my opinion, text chatting is more intimate and honest than speaking over the phone or talking to someone face to face, by chatting a person literally allows the other party to read his thoughts without any effect caused by tone, facial reactions or physical attraction/repulsion. A lot can argue for or against this opinion, but what remains true at the end, is how a person writing his own thoughts is something intimate and special. In this manners, an analogy can be drawn between writing and thought prostitution, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

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To further explain this analogy, consider that a regular person shares his thoughts and feelings with a selected few whilst a writer shares his feelings and thoughts with whoever is interested, writers are different though than public speakers, stand up comics and whoever tries to change thoughts using words, writers are more powerful considering they are able to influence society without using any audio/visual stimuli which in this age, makes a successful writer more similar to a wizard/witch than a prostitute but more on that later.

Building on this conclusion the most powerful tool to change thoughts and beliefs right now is a talented writer in a complementary relationship with a Christmatic public speaker/performer.  Which is not the result I had in mind to reach when I started writing this post but this is my honest thought process and hereby I declare myself guilty of committing thought prostitution.

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