Ascension or The quest to Godhood

The dream that haunted mystics and shamans since the dawn of age, the objective of The Buddha, the argument of the philosopher, the Sci-fi writer’s favorite plot device and the fantasy of the common man.
Ascension or reaching godhood, to sit among the Gods as an equal and to be one of them.


Psychologically speaking, everyman, no matter how introverted he is, craves recognition, leadership, and reverence by his peers.
Unfortunately this is not how the powers-that-be designed our world, and this is not how father Earth wanted his subjects to be, so naturally, common men fled to the realm of dreams, and philosophers fled to logic and the apparent result was concluded to be the Superman ( or The Übermensch if you are obsessed with semantics)

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How I see him

Forget about Nietzsche and his Übermensch , Let me describe how i see him I see him as a Superman not so unlike the comics, that even so he can not fly or shoot laser from his eyes, he is so much better than the common man he is a God amongst men, a man so righteous, so wise and so smart that when his earthly visit ends the Gods embrace him fondly; deeming him good enough to join their midst.

I see the superman as a man who is more like Batman of the comics than Superman, he is at the absolute height of his physical, mental and moral abilities that he has already reached his limits and affecting society around him in a way that he makes permanent change to the status quo on a daily basis , he is a man that is so humble, so selfless and so kind that men around him strive to help him reach the utopia he so much preached about , he is strong but not intimidating, he is smart but not condescending.

In short, he is everything that you and I can never be my friend.

Eastern religions

Since our homebred religions (I’m middle eastern) never had enough imagination to cover this subject, I’ll have to borrow concepts and descriptions from eastern religions.

But before we dwell into this, let me say that I’ve always seen myself as a soul occupying a body, speaking about my body as if it was me and all that I am, was always foreign to me and always felt so strange when other people did it.
I’ve always viewed myself as a soul occupying an earthly vessel and this was even my imagination as a kid, no internet and no external influence whatsoever.

Well, i wanted to write really knowledgeable coverage about the subject, but I realized that googling the info is easy enough and no point of me stating info that’s easily available, so to cut it short, according to eastern religions, we (human mortals) exist in an endless cycle of life and death, called reincarnation , where a human lives, dies and if he was a bad person, he gets downgraded to the life of an animal, if he was a regular person, he gets reborn as a human and if he was a good person (previously described as the Superman in this piece) he gets upgraded to the state of a God, not a creator god though, more angel like, just a stage above humanity where souls exist as pure energy.

My own view

My view to this problem started so early, like at the age of 16 may be less, I don’t remember exactly how it happened, this was back before we had easily accessed internet and books discussing subjects other than socially sanctioned spirituality, so I can argue that this quest was inherent. I always had this question, a question I was so eagerly searching for an answer to, the only problem is, I was never able to pinpoint this question, so reaching an answer to was (and still is) impossible. At first, I thought it was a question about money, but it appeared it was not, the interesting thing is, i always felt that the answer to this question resided inside my own head, by the time I discovered that I was self-initiated magickally, no matter that I dropped the naming to myself later, I was still looking for an answer to myself, daily meditation to the point that if I sat alone still for a while, I automatically turned into a human statue, eagerly searching to an answer ; an answer to a question, to this day I can not pinpoint.

All I know for sure is that the answer to the problem of my human state was embedded deep into my subconscious and apparently into the subconscious of every living human being, feeling the question and the need to find its answer mainly depends on how indoctrinated a person is and how fine-tuned he is into the voice lying back into his head.

Ending this, I’ll borrow a statement from the developers of a famous Linux distro: ” The quieter you become, the more you’re able to hear”

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  1. I know that you’re trying to avoid arguing with your post, but please remind yourself that the unpopular reasoning always lead to awesome debate when argued with respect..and it IS your blog after all, let your views be King here!

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