Moe’s unconventional writing service

Well,I don’t actually like doing formal work, all the time, I prefer unconventional work that needs some creativity, for sure I write the occasional article and social media conversion content, you can see examples of my work here

Now for a basic list of unconventional services I provide:

1- Love letters and wedding vows; my favorite, I’ll chat with you for a while, know some of your good memories and read some of your social media public interactions, or you can give me some of your correspondence and I’ll craft you a love letter/ wedding vow worthy of Romeo or Juliette themselves.

2- Apology letters, pleas or special requests that you need to be as perfect as possible.

3- Scholarship/college essays, I’ll guarantee you that you won’t get rejected for your writing so if you don’t do anything stupid and got good grades you’ll be in, BUT not my favorite kind of task so expect the payment to be higher than my other services (fair warning I start negotiations at 100$ and I don’t go lower than that).

4- Resumes/Cover letters; see this reddit post ( for more info

5-Press Releases, Social media posts to control reputation damage.

6- I’m flexible and those are what came to mind when typing this post, basically, I have a strong empathic sense (don’t matter the pseudoscience) all you need to know that I’ll put myself in your shoes and write on your behalf whatever you want to be written PERFECTLY.

7-I’m flexible with the pricing as long as you’ll be friendly and share your happiness with me after you succeed in what you seek, consider messaging me after your success a part of my payment, I don’t just do this for the money even though I need it.

8-I don’t get paid upfront only after I deliver you the work, I’m not responsible for your success in what you seek though.

9-Our deal won’t be based on the number of words, more on the service itself, most of my services cost between 25-50$, only exceptions are articles and essays which might be based on the number of words or how it’s importance to you.

10-Sometimes I can do the work for free or for a lesser fee, coz as I said, I’m not doing this just for the money. But please don’t exploit that as I need the money, but I also like to spread kindness so don’t repay my kindness with abuse, please and yes it happened before.

For any inquiries just fill out this form, I usually respond instantly since I’m a ghost who is almost 24hrs available online.

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