Just some insomniac questions about Creation, God & the Devil.

The other day, I read an opinion about how Muslims, Jews, and Christians think they are monotheistic when their paradigms are full of angels, demons, djinns, and the devil which are all powerful immortal beings that are essentially demigods.
Those Beings with their immense powers basically serve their own selfish purposes not those of God, and according to monotheistic traditions can go as far as demanding worship from humans which is why they’re inherently evil and those humans who follow them are cursed and damned to hell.
Well, besides angels of course but mentioning angels automatically raises the issue of the devil (or Iblis as Muslims prefer to call him).

The problem of Iblis

While Christians and Jews insist that Lucifer/ Iblis was an angel of the lord
Islam -which came later- insists that Iblis or the devil was some form of super powerful djinn and NOT an angel of the lord, some weak Islamic texts describe him as the Peacock of angels, something close to their pet and the most beautiful of all beings, until his disobedience and subsequent fall, but in my opinion this is just some Yazidi influence getting mixed with the old texts back when Iraq was a source of enlightenment.

And the reason for the Muslim denial for Lucifer’s celestial origins is simple; angels are not supposed to possess the faculty of free will, God created them to obey, so if Lucifer was an angel and disobeyed this would raise doubt about the omnipotent God of Islam.

And even though their lack of free will might seem stupid at first, considering they’re supposed to be super powerful as opposed to humans
It’s not that stupid if you think about it for a while, for argument sack let’s draw an analogy between computers and angels.
Both are created to do specific tasks and both are supposedly incapable of disobedience.
You’ll find that a computer no matter what shape or form it is in, no matter how strong or weak (processing wise), It doesn’t possess the faculty by which it can disobey you; it’s creator/master.
But sure our computers, robots and machines glitch and our software are full of bugs and are prone to viruses.
But all this is just a  reflection of our imperfections as creators.

In opposition, the Supreme Creator of this universe is perfect.
So are his creations, in this case, his perfect celestial robots and computers; aka angels.
Those beings are supposed to  perform the celestial tasks required of them with absolute perfection, yet they don’t possess the faculty of disobedience what we humans call free will but this would make them nothing but glorified celestial drones, which makes them less than human and that in turn makes you question how humans are ordered to revere them by all three religions alike.

The problem of free will

But dismissing the previous dilemma raises another, That as humans we are an imperfect mess of pure contradictions.

The Yin and Yang within us like eastern religions tried to describe it

And then comes the problem of following God’s supposed rules and orders
Now assuming religions established God’s perfection as a creator in how he was able to create his dominion and that as humans there’s a role for us
Or he wouldn’t have created us in the first place.
This, in turn, raises the problem is that as a perfect creator he would not create a being that would disobey his intent.

If he’s the Supreme engineer, how can a tiny being -a single observatory unit-
like a human posses the ability to disrupt his plan, disobey or anger him?

And yes Canonical Islam (and I assume the Old Testament as well) uses the words: gods anger and God’s wrath numerous times.
How can the being that created the concept of emotions be prone to them
How can the being that created logic (or was he bound by it?) be so illogical as to feel emotions and act upon them? And this raises my favorite question of all time, did God create logic or was he bound by it? But this needs a single article on its own so I won’t dwell on it.

The Only Gods I know

In my opinion, Earth created us and Earth was created by the universe, those are facts no matter how you see them.
The uncertain is the why and -to some extent- the how, but the fact remains that the only “gods” we know for sure created us is The Earth/Universe.

Maybe the universe pushed for our creation Just because it needed eyes and ears to be able to observe itself.
Maybe to monitor and possibly engineer its next level of expansion and maturity through us.
We often view ourselves as separate individual units, we act destructively against nature and with greed towards our brethren.

But the fact remains we’re part of this universe and we’re 100% sure it had a hand in creating us, maybe this is the origin of the concept of unity, I’m not sure!

What I’m sure of is, if the perfect creator created us we can not disobey him, for one simple reason, because he will not jeopardize his plan by giving us the faculty by which we can do that, if there’s an act he doesn’t want us doing, I’m 100% sure we can not do it, If there’re thoughts and info he doesn’t want us to comprehend, I’m sure our brains won’t be able to process it.

And I am 100% sure, he doesn’t care if you eat pork, have anal sex or drink alcohol*.
My human mind like to think he wouldn’t like you going on a killing spree Or destroying huge parts of nature, But I’m sure if it was a problem to him, he’d have made sure in the design phase that you’re not capable of doing that, but this is the Problem of Evil and I won’t go there now.

Assuming an intelligent designer is behind all of this, But if he is, I’m damn sure he doesn’t sit on a vibrating throne**.

 [8:27 AM CLT, 5/27/2019]



*All the mentioned are ultimate sins for muslim.

**Muslims believe that certain acts are so horrible that when it happen, God's throne vibrate, one of those acts is male homosexual intercourse, and since it's safe to assume that gay sex happens 24/7 all around the globe, then God's throne would never stop vibrating.

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