About Why I pray to Mother Isis; goddess of magick, mothers and the throne.

I think ancient religions represented the surroundings of the people symbolically more than we realize, for example, if you think about it, religions which were created in loving environments full of water, food and plants; like Egypt, Iraq or the Levant, always had mother figures as deities, Egypt had mother Isis goddess of the throne, Iraq (Mesopotamia) had Ishtar goddess of war and prostitution, and the Levant had Mary the Madonna, mother of God.

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On the other hand, religions like Islam and Judaism, had no mother figure, take Judaism, for example, a religion created by a mistreated slave race, they created an angry vengeful God, where the old testament is full of rage, fury, anger, genocide and infanticide and of course no tender mother figure.

And then have a look at Islam, which was born in the desert and revered the same God of the Jews after mixing it with the heavenly God already revered by the Bedouins, of course Islam tamed some of the Jewish God’s homicidal tendencies yet it failed to purge them all together because like the desert is strict and merciless the humans living there where strict and merciless and their God as well had to be strict and vengeful yet merciful to highlight this ideal lost in the cruel desert but at the same time it couldn’t be a softie like the Christian God closely associated with his mother, despises sexuality and asks you to turn the other cheek.

When I pray to Isis (being Egyptian living in Egypt) people often think I’m either trolling or acting crazy (which I’m often doing both, to be honest) but it’s simply my conscious wish to have a heavenly mother to turn to and ask for favors, despite my deep skepticism towards everything that is spiritual, sometimes we still need to have hope our mother in the heavens will grant our wish and show us the mercy our earthly mothers cannot possess due to their humanity.

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