About Why I pray to Mother Isis; goddess of magick, mothers and the throne.

I think ancient religions represented the surroundings of the people symbolically more than we realize, for example, if you think about it, religions which were created in loving environments full of water, food and plants; like Egypt, Iraq or the Levant, always had mother figures as deities, Egypt had mother Isis goddess of the throne, Iraq (Mesopotamia) had Ishtar goddess of war and prostitution, and the Levant had Mary the Madonna, mother of God.

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On the other hand, religions like Islam and Judaism, had no mother figure, take Judaism, for example, a religion created by a mistreated slave race, they created an angry vengeful God, where the old testament is full of rage, fury, anger, genocide and infanticide and of course no tender mother figure.

And then have a look at Islam, which was born in the desert and revered the same God of the Jews after mixing it with the heavenly God already revered by the Bedouins, of course Islam tamed some of the Jewish God’s homicidal tendencies yet it failed to purge them all together because like the desert is strict and merciless the humans living there where strict and merciless and their God as well had to be strict and vengeful yet merciful to highlight this ideal lost in the cruel desert but at the same time it couldn’t be a softie like the Christian God closely associated with his mother, despises sexuality and asks you to turn the other cheek.

When I pray to Isis (being Egyptian living in Egypt) people often think I’m either trolling or acting crazy (which I’m often doing both, to be honest) but it’s simply my conscious wish to have a heavenly mother to turn to and ask for favors, despite my deep skepticism towards everything that is spiritual, sometimes we still need to have hope our mother in the heavens will grant our wish and show us the mercy our earthly mothers cannot possess due to their humanity.

Just some insomniac questions about Creation, God & the Devil.

The other day, I read an opinion about how Muslims, Jews, and Christians think they are monotheistic when their paradigms are full of angels, demons, djinns, and the devil which are all powerful immortal beings that are essentially demigods.
Those Beings with their immense powers basically serve their own selfish purposes not those of God, and according to monotheistic traditions can go as far as demanding worship from humans which is why they’re inherently evil and those humans who follow them are cursed and damned to hell.
Well, besides angels of course but mentioning angels automatically raises the issue of the devil (or Iblis as Muslims prefer to call him).

The problem of Iblis

While Christians and Jews insist that Lucifer/ Iblis was an angel of the lord
Islam -which came later- insists that Iblis or the devil was some form of super powerful djinn and NOT an angel of the lord, some weak Islamic texts describe him as the Peacock of angels, something close to their pet and the most beautiful of all beings, until his disobedience and subsequent fall, but in my opinion this is just some Yazidi influence getting mixed with the old texts back when Iraq was a source of enlightenment.

And the reason for the Muslim denial for Lucifer’s celestial origins is simple; angels are not supposed to possess the faculty of free will, God created them to obey, so if Lucifer was an angel and disobeyed this would raise doubt about the omnipotent God of Islam.

And even though their lack of free will might seem stupid at first, considering they’re supposed to be super powerful as opposed to humans
It’s not that stupid if you think about it for a while, for argument sack let’s draw an analogy between computers and angels.
Both are created to do specific tasks and both are supposedly incapable of disobedience.
You’ll find that a computer no matter what shape or form it is in, no matter how strong or weak (processing wise), It doesn’t possess the faculty by which it can disobey you; it’s creator/master.
But sure our computers, robots and machines glitch and our software are full of bugs and are prone to viruses.
But all this is just a  reflection of our imperfections as creators.

In opposition, the Supreme Creator of this universe is perfect.
So are his creations, in this case, his perfect celestial robots and computers; aka angels.
Those beings are supposed to  perform the celestial tasks required of them with absolute perfection, yet they don’t possess the faculty of disobedience what we humans call free will but this would make them nothing but glorified celestial drones, which makes them less than human and that in turn makes you question how humans are ordered to revere them by all three religions alike.

The problem of free will

But dismissing the previous dilemma raises another, That as humans we are an imperfect mess of pure contradictions.

The Yin and Yang within us like eastern religions tried to describe it

And then comes the problem of following God’s supposed rules and orders
Now assuming religions established God’s perfection as a creator in how he was able to create his dominion and that as humans there’s a role for us
Or he wouldn’t have created us in the first place.
This, in turn, raises the problem is that as a perfect creator he would not create a being that would disobey his intent.

If he’s the Supreme engineer, how can a tiny being -a single observatory unit-
like a human posses the ability to disrupt his plan, disobey or anger him?

And yes Canonical Islam (and I assume the Old Testament as well) uses the words: gods anger and God’s wrath numerous times.
How can the being that created the concept of emotions be prone to them
How can the being that created logic (or was he bound by it?) be so illogical as to feel emotions and act upon them? And this raises my favorite question of all time, did God create logic or was he bound by it? But this needs a single article on its own so I won’t dwell on it.

The Only Gods I know

In my opinion, Earth created us and Earth was created by the universe, those are facts no matter how you see them.
The uncertain is the why and -to some extent- the how, but the fact remains that the only “gods” we know for sure created us is The Earth/Universe.

Maybe the universe pushed for our creation Just because it needed eyes and ears to be able to observe itself.
Maybe to monitor and possibly engineer its next level of expansion and maturity through us.
We often view ourselves as separate individual units, we act destructively against nature and with greed towards our brethren.

But the fact remains we’re part of this universe and we’re 100% sure it had a hand in creating us, maybe this is the origin of the concept of unity, I’m not sure!

What I’m sure of is, if the perfect creator created us we can not disobey him, for one simple reason, because he will not jeopardize his plan by giving us the faculty by which we can do that, if there’s an act he doesn’t want us doing, I’m 100% sure we can not do it, If there’re thoughts and info he doesn’t want us to comprehend, I’m sure our brains won’t be able to process it.

And I am 100% sure, he doesn’t care if you eat pork, have anal sex or drink alcohol*.
My human mind like to think he wouldn’t like you going on a killing spree Or destroying huge parts of nature, But I’m sure if it was a problem to him, he’d have made sure in the design phase that you’re not capable of doing that, but this is the Problem of Evil and I won’t go there now.

Assuming an intelligent designer is behind all of this, But if he is, I’m damn sure he doesn’t sit on a vibrating throne**.

 [8:27 AM CLT, 5/27/2019]



*All the mentioned are ultimate sins for muslim.

**Muslims believe that certain acts are so horrible that when it happen, God's throne vibrate, one of those acts is male homosexual intercourse, and since it's safe to assume that gay sex happens 24/7 all around the globe, then God's throne would never stop vibrating.

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Ascension or The quest to Godhood

The dream that haunted mystics and shamans since the dawn of age, the objective of The Buddha, the argument of the philosopher, the Sci-fi writer’s favorite plot device and the fantasy of the common man.
Ascension or reaching godhood, to sit among the Gods as an equal and to be one of them.


Psychologically speaking, everyman, no matter how introverted he is, craves recognition, leadership, and reverence by his peers.
Unfortunately this is not how the powers-that-be designed our world, and this is not how father Earth wanted his subjects to be, so naturally, common men fled to the realm of dreams, and philosophers fled to logic and the apparent result was concluded to be the Superman ( or The Übermensch if you are obsessed with semantics)

The source of this photo is Flickr user Mitch Hell  freely distributed with a Creative Commons Zero - CC0.

How I see him

Forget about Nietzsche and his Übermensch , Let me describe how i see him I see him as a Superman not so unlike the comics, that even so he can not fly or shoot laser from his eyes, he is so much better than the common man he is a God amongst men, a man so righteous, so wise and so smart that when his earthly visit ends the Gods embrace him fondly; deeming him good enough to join their midst.

I see the superman as a man who is more like Batman of the comics than Superman, he is at the absolute height of his physical, mental and moral abilities that he has already reached his limits and affecting society around him in a way that he makes permanent change to the status quo on a daily basis , he is a man that is so humble, so selfless and so kind that men around him strive to help him reach the utopia he so much preached about , he is strong but not intimidating, he is smart but not condescending.

In short, he is everything that you and I can never be my friend.

Eastern religions

Since our homebred religions (I’m middle eastern) never had enough imagination to cover this subject, I’ll have to borrow concepts and descriptions from eastern religions.

But before we dwell into this, let me say that I’ve always seen myself as a soul occupying a body, speaking about my body as if it was me and all that I am, was always foreign to me and always felt so strange when other people did it.
I’ve always viewed myself as a soul occupying an earthly vessel and this was even my imagination as a kid, no internet and no external influence whatsoever.

Well, i wanted to write really knowledgeable coverage about the subject, but I realized that googling the info is easy enough and no point of me stating info that’s easily available, so to cut it short, according to eastern religions, we (human mortals) exist in an endless cycle of life and death, called reincarnation , where a human lives, dies and if he was a bad person, he gets downgraded to the life of an animal, if he was a regular person, he gets reborn as a human and if he was a good person (previously described as the Superman in this piece) he gets upgraded to the state of a God, not a creator god though, more angel like, just a stage above humanity where souls exist as pure energy.

My own view

My view to this problem started so early, like at the age of 16 may be less, I don’t remember exactly how it happened, this was back before we had easily accessed internet and books discussing subjects other than socially sanctioned spirituality, so I can argue that this quest was inherent. I always had this question, a question I was so eagerly searching for an answer to, the only problem is, I was never able to pinpoint this question, so reaching an answer to was (and still is) impossible. At first, I thought it was a question about money, but it appeared it was not, the interesting thing is, i always felt that the answer to this question resided inside my own head, by the time I discovered that I was self-initiated magickally, no matter that I dropped the naming to myself later, I was still looking for an answer to myself, daily meditation to the point that if I sat alone still for a while, I automatically turned into a human statue, eagerly searching to an answer ; an answer to a question, to this day I can not pinpoint.

All I know for sure is that the answer to the problem of my human state was embedded deep into my subconscious and apparently into the subconscious of every living human being, feeling the question and the need to find its answer mainly depends on how indoctrinated a person is and how fine-tuned he is into the voice lying back into his head.

Ending this, I’ll borrow a statement from the developers of a famous Linux distro: ” The quieter you become, the more you’re able to hear”

About Commitment

I’m a male, my mother gave birth to me in a society that programmed us that love is forbidden, that love is shameful, that being in love is associated with adultery and with angering God.

Early childhood

I remember all my thoughts and feelings towards my female classmates as I was in primary school, how different we are, how smooth their skin and voices were, I remembered that I had this feeling of needing female companionship more than I needed any specific female, I was so young I had no concept of romance,love or sex, I just wanted what I knew from TV I needed; to love someone, maybe those needs were inherent maybe acquired from TV, cartoons or society in general, all of this doesn’t matter, I remember how talking about this with anyone in the age of 9 was either accompanied by either laughs or stern looks followed by the word forbidden/shame (translating this word from my native Arabic is tricky).

First heartbreak

I also remember my first heartbreak, it was at 3rd grade, I was 8 years old and suddenly this female classmate, shows interest in me, holds my hand while going up the stairs, and my ecstasy moment was when one day when she came and confided in me that she went to the bathroom and got totally undressed, she was so excited about being to remove all her clothes and put them back on, so was I.
I just didn’t know why at the time, and then suddenly she stopped talking to me, holding my hands and telling me about her inherent public nudity fetish, when I tried to talk to her, ask her what changed, she was annoyed and asked what do you want from me.

Teenage years

Then came prep school and I was pressured by this same girl (years later, our childish play was forgotten) to date her best friend, which was a good friend of mine but really didn’t fit my criteria of attraction, I was a closed minded idiot back then, but I wanted to have a girlfriend, I wanted to be with someone and get told that I’m loved for the first time ever, so I went through in this “relationship” is the worst boyfriend in the history of boyfriends, I didn’t talk to her for months and I didn’t even bother breaking up with her when my first real girlfriend came.

My first “real” girlfriend

and then the time of secondary school arrived, with more freedom and access to girls not in our school, and then I had my first real girlfriend which was really hot but naive and clumsy. she was really horny though and for the first time ever, I share a bed naked with a girl of my age with the sole purpose of fooling around, I can’t describe the huge amount of shame and guilt that I felt, I can’t count how many times I prayed to god to forgive me and her, and yes , i mentioned her in my prayer because a man has special love for the first person who touches his weiner after his mother and peditrition, to this day i don’t know if my affection for this girl was real because I really had feelings for her or because she was kind enough to put my dick in her mouth and clap her hands like a child every time I agreed to take my pants off for her to do this new sport which she finally got to do in real life, of course, this relatioship went down the drain in a bad way , but this continued my pattern of girls liking me, taking the first step and then dumping me after they’ve had their fun, or maybe I was just a sucky person , I don’t know and I have no idea of knowing since I can’t be objective about this subject in particular.

Later years

Having a taste of female affection was poisonous to me, I really liked the feeling, I really enjoyed her touch and her voice, I really wanted more, being with someone always entrailed promising them eternity, promising to always be in love, promising to be united with them under society’s laws and getting married, I always lied and I always believed my lie, for me I always considered being committed to a single person, but the idea of being only with one person always made me afraid, the thought that I won’t see, touch or know any other woman in a romantic setting was always worse than death.

The mystery of a woman

For me, it was never about sex and about anything but sex; I crave sexual intimacy by design, I was born in a country with no national pride, no national unity, we are all programmed to pursue careers,find a mate and make children, this is the only way a man can belong to something bigger than himself here, or in my direct society, but for me, I worshipped women, I loved how everything about them is smooth, how everything about them is tender, for me it wasn’t about sex, sex can be bought for a price, but what I was after could never be bought, only given, I was after the mystery,how she loves, what she likes, her taste in food and music, how she looks naked and how she makes love to her man, over the years I got sexually involved with more than 50 girls, with every single one of them I tried to do my best, I lied and believed my own lies so that she could believe  and I technically I never lied, I had a deep love for everything female, but I can never be myself if I committed myself to only one.


All through writing this, I’m half tempted to delete it all, I feel like I’m painting myself as a selfish self-centered brat. But the truth is, I’m an individual which can be taken as a random sample out of the crowd, women hate men who think like me, women hate men who keep looking around and can’t be satisfied with only one woman, but how can someone defy his own nature?
How can all women crave only men that are out of the norm, I realize that citing the famous argument that nature crafted men to spread this seed may be naive and even offensive for some, but I’m not after sex or “spreading my seed” I’m more tempted by beauty and more aroused by thoughts, this is why I’m always pursuing the mystery in female form.
I didn’t choose to feel that way, I didn’t choose to think that way and for sure women themselves are not objects or just bystanders in their own romantic lives, I was hurt, I was dumped and I left a ton of details out, but the fact remains, that committing to someone , seeing this face the first thing in the morning for the rest of my life, is too much of a commitment that I’ve always preferred the thought of waking up alone in my own bed than waking up to the face of someone I no longer want to be with.
And while the hopeless romantic in me was peed on by multiple women, I still dream of my “one” the one that would be better than all other women, that will be my enough and mystery solved, but I’m a realist, I know that I may never find her and that still I’ll hurt and get hurt by others but I’ll keep waiting for the one who’ll walk with me to the end of the road.


There is no message here unless you chose to see one, I was just sharing some memories and trying to document my observations to my own experience and feelings which I had no hand in crafting. And I realize that publishing this to my name would significantly lower my chances of ever being with someone again, but I’m taking the chance for the sake of humanity.

Thought prostitution

This is not my first attempt at starting this blog, the first one started with a post that was dedicated to my girlfriend, I didn’t know if I wanted to copy it here or start with writing something more meaningful to the reader who doesn’t know me, and that I’m not interested in him knowing me, not because I want to stay anonymous, but more because I want the reader to see my beliefs, my opinions, and my thoughts, which is in my mind are the essence of the soul.

Writing differs than any other activity a human being can do, by writing a person literally puts pieces on his mind on a piece of paper/screen, this is why in my opinion, text chatting is more intimate and honest than speaking over the phone or talking to someone face to face, by chatting a person literally allows the other party to read his thoughts without any effect caused by tone, facial reactions or physical attraction/repulsion. A lot can argue for or against this opinion, but what remains true at the end, is how a person writing his own thoughts is something intimate and special. In this manners, an analogy can be drawn between writing and thought prostitution, which is not necessarily a bad thing.

This clip-art is freely distributed with a [Creative Commons Zero - CC0.] (https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by-nd/2.0/)

To further explain this analogy, consider that a regular person shares his thoughts and feelings with a selected few whilst a writer shares his feelings and thoughts with whoever is interested, writers are different though than public speakers, stand up comics and whoever tries to change thoughts using words, writers are more powerful considering they are able to influence society without using any audio/visual stimuli which in this age, makes a successful writer more similar to a wizard/witch than a prostitute but more on that later.

Building on this conclusion the most powerful tool to change thoughts and beliefs right now is a talented writer in a complementary relationship with a Christmatic public speaker/performer.  Which is not the result I had in mind to reach when I started writing this post but this is my honest thought process and hereby I declare myself guilty of committing thought prostitution.

Hello to Liber Moe !

See what I did there in the title? it rhymes, lol, forget about that now.

I’m Moe and this is my blog, details about me doesn’t really matter, all that matters is that I believe in kindness, equality, and peace, I also can argue with you about anything and win.
Hopefully, also I’ll be able to present you with some unique points of view.

This website is me trying to make the world a better place by writing about things I feel passionate about and also to build a portfolio of my writings, so if you need something written, Don’t hesitate to contact me through the contact page.

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